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Important notice to our Customers!!!


Due to a devastated fire (April 5th) at the Mirage Pet Products factory and storage facility in Aurora, Missouri , all Mirage Pet Products will be delayed until they can find a new building and start re-making their products.  Since we have over 70% of our products with them, our orders will take longer until they are able to get back on their feet.

We can't even begin to say how devastated knowing the Mirage owners and staff are as they go through such an over welling loss to lose everything. Here is what the owners have said:.

“On Friday evening, our beloved church turned factory - where all of Mirage's products were made and/or stored burned in a fire. We lost everything for the business. Fortunately, due to the heroic efforts of the six fire departments that responded and worked for over 11 hours on the blaze, no one was hurt and surrounding buildings were saved.   We anticipate that by the middle of next week, we will be able to send ties and toys again, with shirts and bandanas and collars following shortly.”

Our prayers and support are with the “Mirage Pet Products owners and staff”.  We wish them a speedy recovery!

Please Note – The delay in processing orders does not affect products from West Paw Designs or Alexis Creations.

Update: Great news...As of 1st of June, MiragePetProducts now has a new location, has purchased and set up their equipment for making their doggie items, and purchased new materials and supplies.  They have started replacing many of the doggie items, though this will take time... please be aware some items will still be delayed. It is not easy to start all over with a business you have had for many years, but the owners have decided to not be defeated and are starting all over from scratch.  God Bless them!

We want to thank our customers for being patient with us and will keep you posted with the process. Again...Thanks

Pictures by the Aurora Missouri Fire Department & Local News Paper