Doggie Dog Coats DoggieDogCoats offers dog apparel & accessories to keep them safe 'n warm!

Why Choose Our Doggie Dog Coats and Accessories?

Why Choose Our Doggie Dog Coats and Accessories?

  • Specially Designed for your dog

  • Designed to be Comfortable & Cozy

  • 90%  of our overall Products are Made here in the USA

Doggie Dog Coats - why choose from Doggie Dog Coats dog apparel from our online pet store?  Here's why! When choosing products from Doggie Dog Coat's Website, you can be fully confident in the quality of our dog clothing and accessories.  First,  fabric materials for our dog clothing are hand-picked to guarantee quality and color.  These fabrics are then cut and designed to fit the shape of your dog's body.  How's that for quality?  This care also guarantees your dog's clothing to last longer, wear better, and fit comfortably. Remember, our dog clothing, dog collars, leashes, and dog beds are made in the USA and design by Mirage Pet Products.


Dog Clothing - We searched to find the best quality Doggie Dog Coats dog collars, dog accessories, and dog clothing for your pets and at the same time supporting our suppliers here in the USA. 


Dog Coats/Hoodies – We carry Dog Hoodies...for your pet’s protection & comfort. So, don’t let the weather stop your pet and you from going outside. Hoodies come in various sizes, colors, and patterns.    

Dog Shirts
Dog shirts, dog t-shirts, and dog sweatshirts perfect for cooler days. For protection against chilly days or nights, a dog hoodie will give your dog that extra protection. Be sure to also check our shirts with the football themes.

Dog Sweaters
– Dog sweaters, pet sweaters, or doggie sweaters… all are made for comfort, made with quality & distinctive designs.

Dog Beds/Car Sets & Blankets
- We carry many car sets for small dog which also is a dog bed or carrier. These are perfect for vacations. We also have dog blankets in different patterns and colors, from the small sizes to the jumble size for warmth, & comfort.

Dog Collars - We have pet collars in different colors, designs, and sizes i.e. leather collars, spiked dog collars, studded dog collars, nylon collars, bling dog collars, and just cute dog collars. For fun times, we also have the cuteSmoochers dog collars.

Dog Harnesses -
Sturdy well made mesh harnesses, soft harnesses, step-in harnesses, pink harnesses, nylon harnesses, small dog harness or large dog harness, all are available in different patterns, colors, and sizes.

Dog Leashes - From a plain lease to a fancy lease we offer...leather dog leash, dog leads, nylon dog leash, small dog leash, large dog leash, and even a pink dog leash! All are available in different colors, widths, and designs... Check them out!

Dog Toys -
Are you looking for safe soft plush dog toys, squeaky dog toys... then look no further because we have fabric dog toys, canvas dog toys, plus stuffed and unstuffed pet toys. Our soft durable toys from MiragePetProducts come in bone shape and heart shape with squeakers for fun play.