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  • BLING DOG COLLARS: Dog Collar in Various Sizes & Colors USA by Mirage - SPRINKLES CONFETTI CRYSTALS


    Sprinkles Confetti Crystal Bling Dog Collar

    • Brand: Mirage Pet Products
    • Design: Sprinkles Confetti Crystals 
    • Sizes: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
    • Dog Collar for medium size dogs up to larger dogs
    • Colors available: Black, Pink, Red, White
    •  Made in the USA

    For medium size dogs to larger dogs, this beautiful Sprinkles Confetti Bling Crystal dog collar will look nice on your pet. Available Sizes 12 - 20; and comes in the following colors: Black, Pink, Red, White.  Made in USA by Mirage Pet Products 

    Please measure your dog's neck to get the best fit.