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Dog Blankets: CHRISTMAS Pet Blankets Luxurious Fabric Washable Reversible Sizes From Carrier to Jumble - RED SNOWFLAKE


Dog Blankets, Luxurious Pet CHRISTMAS Blankets

  • Brand:  Mirage Pet Products

  • Material:  Luxurious Fabrics

  • Sizes:  Carrier (15" x 15"),  Itty Bitty (20" x 20"),  Big Baby (24" x 24"),  Half Blanket (30" x 36"),  Full Blanket (36" x 60"),  Jumble (60" x 72")

  • Designs:  RED SNOWFLAKE

  • Made: USA

 From Travel Time to Sleepy time, and the epitome of posh, these blankets provide a cloud of comfort for pets. These pet blankets are proudly made in the USA using the most luxurious fabrics for the ultimate cuddle experience.   Designs: RED SNOWFLAKE

Blanket Sizing:

   Carrier Blanket- 15"x15"- has no ruffle
   Itty Bitty Blanket- 20" x 20"- has no ruffle
   Big Baby Blanket- 24" x 24" -has no ruffle
   Half Blanket- 30" x 36"- has ruffle
   Full Blanket- 36" x 60"- has ruffle
   Jumbo Blanket- 60" x 72"-has ruffle