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  • DOG BOW TIE: Decorative & Classy Silky Polyester Bow Tie for Dogs in 7 Different STRIPE Designs


    DOG BOW TIE; Decorative & Classy Bow Tie for Dogs - STRIPES

    • Brand: Mirage Pet Products 

    • Pattern: STRIPES- Aquatic Stripes, Classic Stripes, Funky Stripes, Pink Stripes, Pinstripes, Purple & Aqua Stripes, White Stripes

    • Description: Decorative and classy bow tie with durable elastic band that stretches to fit necks 10" - 19".  Bow tie is made of elegant silky polyester material. Comes in 7 Different Stripe Designs. Can be worn with or without doll collar. 

    •  Size: 4" wide x 2 1/2" tall

    NOTE: Bow tie is for decorative wear only.  Do not attach leash or use as a restraint.