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  • Dog Christmas Stockings: Rhinestones Dog Christmas Stocking - SNOWFLAKES Christmas Stocking for Dogs in Several Colors


     Dog Christmas Stockings: Rhinestones - SNOWFLAKES

    • Brand: Mirage Pet Products

    • Material:  Rich Velvet

    • Design:  Rhinestones - SNOWFLAKES  (ID 63-07)

    • Size:  18 inches   

    •  Colors:  Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Red

    •   Made proudly in USA

      Don't forget to hang Christmas Stockings for your dogs. Your dog wants a pet Christmas stocking too!  Here is a cute rhinestone design of SNOWFLAKES dog stocking.  Made in USA of rich velvet.  Pet Christmas Stocking is 18 inches tall and available in the following colors: Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Red.  Fill with your pet's favorite toys or favorite dog treats.