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  • Dog Christmas Stockings: Screen Print Dog Christmas Stocking - DEAR SANTA ...I WENT WITH NAUGHTY Dog Stocking in Several Colors


     Dog Christmas Stockings: Screen Print - DEAR SANTA... I WENT WITH NAUGHTY

    •     Brand – Mirage Pet Products
    •     Type: Dog Christmas Stocking
    •     Material:  Rich Velvet
    •     Design: Screen Print - DEAR SANTA... I WENT WITH NAUGHTY
    •     Size:  18 inches
    •     Colors:  Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Red
    •     Made in USA

    Don't forget to hang Christmas Stockings for your dogs. Your dog wants a pet Christmas stocking too!  Here is a cute screen print design of DEAR SANTA...I WENT WITH NAUGHTY dog stocking.  Made in USA of rich velvet.  Pet Christmas Stocking is 18 inches tall and available in the following colors: Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Red.  Fill with your pet's favorite toys or favorite dog treats.