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Dog Hair Accessories: Hair Bow CHRISTMAS ARGYLE with choice of Alligator Clip or French Barrette for dogs by Mirage


Hair Bow: CHRISTMAS ARGYLE Bow with Alligator Clip, or French Barrette by Mirage

Brand: Mirage Pet Products

Description: Cute Hair Bow Chevron hair clips for your pet.  Hair Bow chevron is available in Christmas colors of red and green.
Hair bow is available in two different styles of clips: Alligator Clip, or French Barrette.

Size: 3" x 2" (8cm x 5cm). 


Perfect for long haired dogs. If you want to dress up or pet or go casual, these neat looking hair bows would be perfect.  At these low prices, be sure to pick up a second or third hair barrette or clip.

Part Number: 12-06