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  • Dog Shirts: PATRIOTIC PAWS Screen Print Cute Dog Shirt in Various Colors & Sizes by Mirage


    Dog Shirt Cute Screen Print  -  PATRIOTIC PAWS

    Brand: Mirage Pet Products

    Type: Screen Print Cute Dog Shirt, T-SHIRT - (For Small Dogs to Medium Size Dogs)

    Design: PATRIOTIC PAWS  - (ID 51-17)

    Material:  Poly/Cotton

    Features: Double Stitching for Comfort & Durability

    Style: Sleeveless/ Pull over

    Colors: Aqua, Baby Blue, Black, Blue, Bright Pink, Grey, Light Pink, Purple, Red, White

    Sizes: XS (8), S (10), M (12), L (14), XL (16), XXL (18), XXXL (20) - (Small Dogs, to Medium Size Dogs)

    Here is a cute gift for your dog. If you like to have your dog wear USA made pet clothes, here is a cute adorable pull over dog shirt with a screen print design -  PATRIOTIC PAWS.  Dog shirt is sleeveless and double stitched in all the right places to provide comfort and durability.  Dog shirt is soft and slightly stretchy for a comfortable fit for your pet. Decorated with PATRIOTIC PAWS screen printed across the back of the dog shirt. Available Colors:  Aqua, Baby Blue, Black, Blue, Bright Pink, Brown, Grey, Light Pink, Purple, White.  Sizes: XS (8), S (10), M (12), L (14), XL (16), XXL (18), XXXL (20) - (Small Dogs to Medium Seize Dogs)

    This cute dog shirt is unique, cute and can be worn for any occasion.

    To get the best fit, please measure your pet as shown below and use Mirage Shirt Sizing chart.