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  • Holiday Dog Collars: Cute Nylon Ribbon Dog Collar USA - DOXIE LOVE


    Holiday Dog Collar: DOXIE LOVE Cute Durable Nylon Dog Collar USA

    • Brand: Mirage Pet Products    

    • Style: DOXIE LOVE Durable Nylon Ribbon Dog Collar  (ID 125-141) 

    • Design: Dogs and Hearts Design

    • Sizes: CAT, XS, S, M, M (Narrow), L, XL

    • Matching Leash in 3/8", 5/8", 1" widths; 4ft, 6 ft lengths (Sold Separately) 

    • Made in the USA

    This cute DOXIE LOVE durable nylon ribbon dog collar would be perfect for Valentine or for any occasion. This cute 1” wide DOXIE LOVE nylon ribbon Valentine Dog Collar is decorated with Doxie dogs and hearts. Nylon collar comes in five sizes: CAT, XS, S, M, M (Narrow), L, XL.   Made in the USA. 

    Customers who liked this DOXIE LOVE Collar also  purchased the matching DOXIE LOVE nylon leash.  Nylon leash comes in two different lengths: 4’ and 6’ long and three different widths 3/8", 5/8" and 1" wide.