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  • Plush Dog Toys: S-S-Stretch Cylindrical Snake Dog Toy with Squeaker


    Plush Dog Toy - Cylindrical Snake Toy with Squeaker

    • Brand: West Paw Design
    • Plush Cylindrical Snake Dog Toy
    • Faux Fur
    • Snuggly, Sturdy
    • Recycled Polyfill
    • Robust Squeaker
    • Two Sizes Li'l /Small - 19.5" (51cm) or Big/Large - 36" (91cm)
    • Choice of colors: Diamond, Plaid, Stripe 
    • Handcrafted in USA

    S-S-S-Stretch is a plush cylindrical snake looking toy that is designed for the big and little dog. This plush dog toy is a long cylindrical, snake shape body that springs into action when shook. S-S-Stretch is made with faux fur, recycled polyfill and has a robust squeaker that is sure to get your dog’s attention. And…if you would like to get into the action, S-S-Stretch is great for interactive play. S-S-Stretch comes in two sizes to choose from: Li’l S-S-Stretch (Small) 20”/51 cm or Big S-S-Stretch (Large) 36”/91 cm. Colors available: Diamond, Plaid, Stipe. 

    Don’t be afraid to play tug with your dog and watch to see how far S-S-Stretch snake will stretch.