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Smoochers Dog Collars: CHRISTMAS FUZZY WUZZY Smoocher Dog Collar


Smoochers - Christmas Fuzzy Wuzzy Smoocher Dog Collar

  • Brand: Mirage Pet Products

  • Style: Elastic Dog Smoocher


  • Holiday: Christmas

  • Sizes: S, L, XL

  • Import

Now you and your pet can enjoy some Christmas fun with their Christmas Fuzzy Wuzzy Smoocher dog collar from Mirage Pet Products. This cute Christmas Fuzzy Wuzzy Smoocher has an elastic collar for easy on. Dog smoocher comes in sizes: S, L, and XL. This Dog Smoocher is cute, and is becoming a trendy dog collar and is very popular.  Smoocher will make your pet kissable!  With all the fun you will be having, why not pick up more Smoochers for other holidays and enjoy the fun with your pet and friends.  Import