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  • Tough Dog Toys: Zisc Flying Disc Zogoflex® Dog Toy by West Paw Design


    Dog Toy: Tough Zisc Flying Disc Zogoflex® Tough Dog Toy

    • Brand: West Paw  

    • Type: Zisc® Flying disc

    •  Easier on your pet’s jars  

    •  Recyclable 

    •  Durable and guaranteed to last

    •  Three color choices: Aqua Blue, Granny Smith, Tangerine,  and "Glow" option

    •  Sizes: Sm (6.5"), Lg (8.5")

    •  Dishwasher safe

    •  Certified safe for pets

    •  Handcrafted in USA

     This flying disc is similar to a Frisbee however; the Zisc® flying disc is easy on your pet’s jars.  But don’t worry about the quality… the Zisc® Flying Disc is still durable, floats, can bounce, and can be cleaned in your dishwasher. Available in two sizes: Small (6.5") and Large (8.5").  Available colors: Aqua Blue, Granny Green, and Tangerine Orange.  If you like to play at dusk or even dark, we also offer a "glow" option for the Zisc® flying disc. Our Zisc® is made with Zogoflex material, is recyclable, and made in the USA. As with all West Paw’s other dog toys, the Zisc® Flying Disc is certified safe for your pet. Zisc flying disc is handcrafted in the USA and Guaranteed to Last

    To activate your Zisc flying Disc Glow option, just set in a window with bright sun light for 5 minutes, or under a bright light for 5 minutes and your Zisc Flying Disc Glow will be ready to Glow!  Now you and your pet can have fun into the night darkness with this glow disc dog toy.  The Zisc flying Disc in the glow options, still maintains the West Paw Design's certificate for a safe toy and their guarantee against dog damage.  Have FUN!

    NOTICE: West Paw Designs guarantees this Zisc Flying Disc dog toy against dog damage and offers a one-time refund or replacement for trying this durable dog toy. Here is their guarantee: “These dog chew toys are guaranteed durable and designed for the tough, aggressive chewing dogs. They might not be indestructible, but we receive less than 1% back, which makes them the toughest dog toys we've heard of yet.”